why are vampires so popular?

well that’s one big question to answer. when we started this class i learned that vampires were big back in the victorian age simply because people actually believed they existed and who knows maybe they do. i think though that after man learned more about the world and made new inventions the fear of vampires slowly started to diminish, even disappear but thanks to authors who helped slowly change the characteristics of what it is to be a vampire i believe those changes have helped keep the vampire alive.

i think the reason that vampires are big now is because a lot of mankind believes that there is nothing else to learn and so the idea of vampires help pull society back into the world of fantasy, which thanks to modern technology is hard to do. also, the idea of being able to relate to other social outcast other than one’s self is extremely tempting.

i also believe that the vampires such as in twilight are big right now since the characters somewhat play into a lot of womens fantasy, the idea of being with someone who will whisk you away and solve all your problems is the ideal dream catch which is also tempting since the fantasy plays into the idea of passion derived from forbidden fruit. also the fact that the characters in the movie are played by attractive males who like to take off their shirt everytime they walk on screen does help any young teenage girl fantasize even more about being with a vampire.

overall i believe that slowly vampires in today’s society will dumb down more and more but will not completely die and will come back again to be extremely popular but much later, almost like vampires themselves



let the right one in by john lindqvist is one of the most disturbing and best vampire books i’ve read so far. one thing that caught me off gaurd was the one of the main characters Oskar, who is a distrubing child who has a piss ball and loves to play “who wants to be a murderer?” but also can feel some sympathy for him since he’s alway being picked on. Oskar is somewhat relateable to Hakan except hakan is actually somewhat a killer and is more pathetic than oskar to a point that you really feel sorry for him since he’s horrible at killing kids, he fails at molesting a child and over all he fails at getting his goal of touching eli.

eli is one of the most unique vampire figures that i can think of since eli completely destorys the whole “the vampire is more of a male role than female” since technically she is neither, and yes i said she but that’s because it’s confusing to say he, she, it and he/ she. she destroys that modern idea because “she” was born a male but then started acting and dressing as a female due to the fact that she has neither a penis or slit. also makes it seem funny how she is extremely intelligent but extremely dull at the same time due to the fact that she has never really interacted with the real world.

at one point i felt really sorry for her, especially when she met another of her kind and found out that there are not too many of them since a lot “off” themselves due to the agonizing life as a vampire. i found it interesting how she became somewhat a “heroic monster” because she killed lacke, his friend, and girlfriend somewhat but at the same time she same oskar from the bullies even though she decapitated them doing it.

in the end we asked the question did oskar make the right choice leaving with eli? and i truely believe that he did since no one seemed to help solve his problems but eli.

true blood

true blood is a series that is based on the sookie stackhouse novel series. the epsidoe that we watched started right after when sookie’s grandmother died and bill took her out to let her catch her breath from the shock of the gruesome murder scene. overall the series keeps a lot of the same things in the book true with some minor differences such as sookie’s brother being a drug addict for vampire blood and the fry cook playing a bigger role.

i think seeing the series helps make the novel series alot more real. at one point during the episode, bill believes that sookie is in trouble but realizes that it’s still day outside and must wait till night to go help only to find out it was a dream. that one scene showed how much bill realized that no matter how much he loved sookie or how much he wanted to protect her, he really couldn’t protect her all the time and seeing that made it much more present than when reading that realization in the book. also the scene where sookie is trying to speak at her grandmother’s funeral but can’t stop hearing everyone’s judgemental thoughts which leads her to curse them out telling them to ” shut the fuck up”. it really helped seeing the sad expression on her face to show the struggle that she was going through.

i thought that the idea of jason being a drug addict really added more turmoil to his internal conflict of everybody thinking he was guilty and the external conflict of him being questioned by police non stop. that new idea also helps the viewer feel more sympathy toward him since the mental image is enhanced plus you also get a idea of the good and bad side effects of taking vampire blood, such as increased strength but also disorients the abuser

just plain human

i find it funny how at the beginning of the class year vampires where scary monsters that most feared and even believed existed but now i wonder why are vampires no longer monsters and are becoming more human?. when i say they are becoming more human i mean when did they become romantics? when did they start having feelings? when did they start wanting to become part of society? much less stop acting like a true vampire all together?

when stories such as dracula, carmilla, and varney the vampire came out the vampires in those stories they didn’t really care that much about their victims, maybe seduce their victims a little but overall wanted the same goal which was to drink blood and then drink more blood without getting killed. the vampires in those books where portrayed as what people originally thought they were, MONSTERS!! who where sought after by human beings to be hunted and destroyed .

now in modern day books such as dead until dark, let the right one in, and twilight vampires are being portrayed as some extreme romantic who will whisk away the the girl away from her troubled life and live happly ever after but that’s not what vampires are, so how did they get to this point? i believe that as time moved on authors wanted to leave their mark in the vampire wrold, and what brings up something new than a vampire who actually has feelings toward mankind? and who ever started that trend changed the very ideal of a scary vampire leading other authors to build on that ideal slowly evolving the scary vampire who drinks blood with no regret, to one who drinks blood but doesn’t want to, to one who doesn’t drink blood and does have normal feelings towards other human beings. so the question i have is are vampires ever going to go back to just being evil emotionless blood sucking vampires? or are authors going to continue to humanize what truely isn’t human? but then again what does it truely mean to be human?


besides being a good movie, blade creates a new idea of the vampire slayer as a vampire himself which opens up a huge line of what issues this vampire slayer goes through. for example, blade doesn’t burn in sunlight, has amazing speed and strength, every good quality of a vampire but also has that unquenchable thirst for blood and ages.

Blade deals with the thirst for blood by taking a serum that suppresses the thirst which i think gives a little insight on how he feels about himself and brings a interesting question, does a vampire slayer like blade hate himself for being partially a vampire?. At the beginning of the movie you would think so but as he builds a small relationship with the woman that he saved he realizes that in the end being partially a vampire makes him who he is and helps him in his quest to destroying more vamps.

the thing that i think is a little different than most common vampires is the relationship with whistler. in most books we’ve read the vampire always has a human assistant that does the vampires bidding, but in the relationship between whistler and blade is a little different since whistler technically raised him as his own and doesn’t really take orders. also, the assistant usually is always offered something out of his reach such as immortality or a sexual relationship with the vampire as to where both blade and whistler just want to kill vampires.

a more modern theme that is in this movie is that there is a order amongst vampires even some discrimination. for example, the vampires that are born pure vampires have a higher standing than those who become vampires. when i saw this in the movie a question came to mind, if they are born vampires how do they age? are they partially human like blade? for these questions one can only guess.

the emperor of ice cream

the emperor of ice cream is a poem written by wallace Stevens and the first smal chunk goes call the roller of big cigars, the muscular one, and bid him whip in kitchen cups concupisent curds. i believe that the first chunk describes a mobster or even a hit man since the roller of big cigars gives me the impression that whoever the big roller is is high in power who most likely is in love with a women hence the part “bid him whip in kitchen cups”. the next chunk reads let the wenches dwadle in such dress as they are use to wear, and let the boys bring flowers in last month’s newspaper. let be be finale seem. the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream. i get the feeling that this chunk meant that the girl that he was in love with cheated on him and was but to death and that the “boys” that bring flowers in last month’s newpaper pertains to the men she slept with and that they’ll have to deliver flowers to the funeral due to the obituary in the newspaper and that it’ll be the last time they see her.

take from the dresser of the deal, lacking three glass knobs, that sheet on which she embroidered three faintails once and spread it so as to cover her face. i believe that pertains to the husband going through the bedroom to look at it after the murder and looking at the simple memories like maybe how the three glass knobs became missing or the bed on which love was made on numerous occasions under the sheet.

last chunk reads if her horny feet protude, they come to show how could she is, and dumb. let the lamp affix it’s beam. this part is describing the funeral and how dumb she was to cheat. over all i think the part that states the only emperor is the imperor of ice cream can be translated to the only man that matters is the man with power.

women and vampires

women have always been undermined in most vampire books. for example, the person who is always in distress is the female of the story such as in dracula when lucy was being manipulated by dracula slowly being turned into a vampire while the men (van helsing, Dr. seward, ect.) try to save her and fail in the end resulting with lord goldaming putting a stake through her heart to save her soul, but ends with dracula going after mina.

In dead until dark sookie becomes the damsel in distress when a serial killer goes after her killing her grandmother which results with bill trying to keep her save during the night and sam during the day. although one key difference that happened is when Rene goes after sookie she manages to save herself in the end by killing Rene with the knife without bill’s help whatsoever.

In salem’s lot, susan was the damsel when she tried to go after straker and barlow which resulted in her becoming a vampire; eventually her soul was saved when ben put a stake through her heart. i felt that in this book that alot of the women where punished. for example, the girl that rejected bud but became a vampire when bud went after her, the abusive mother who’s child became a vampire, susan who decided to take action when ben told her not to resulting in being a vampire, susan’s mother who went insane after driving her own daughter out of the house and many others.

many of the short stories that were read in class showed that a lot of the women where the victims instead of the hero or the vampire, with the exception of carmilla and dead until dark. the question that i had is why are women put in these positions? is it because in today’s society men still are considered the soupier gender compared to women?